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Details to consider before choosing storage shelves

Issuing time:2020-03-17 09:18

1. Storage density

By analyzing the existing inventory capacity through the minimum inventory unit, it is helpful for enterprises to judge whether their warehouses have the opportunity to adopt deep roadway storage. Deep roadway storage systems, including double-depth racks, corridor racks, pallet racks and flow racks, can significantly improve the space utilization of the warehouse.

2. Delivery accuracy requirements

If 100% accuracy of delivery is required, the range of shelf options is greatly reduced. If the enterprise wants to be able to accurately access any pallet at any time, deep warehousing is not appropriate, and it becomes extremely difficult to find the specified pallet in the storage space with a high storage density.

3, first in, first out or last in, first out

Before choosing the deep roadway storage system, it is necessary to make clear the principle of cargo delivery. Pallet-type shelving is preferable if the firm follows a strict first-in, first-out principle, and if other forms of shelving are desired, it is prudent to estimate the additional labor cost of finding specific items.

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