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The design and planning of the load level of the shelf floor is very important

Issuing time:2020-03-17 09:35

The ground bearing level parameter is of great significance to the design and planning of heavy duty shelves. If the warehouse floor can only support 2 tons, and the plan of the warehouse shelves is 6 tons, then the light will cause ground collapse and deformation, the heavy will cause collapse, and even lead to safety accidents. As heavy duty shelves are bolted to the ground, in addition to the ground load, parameters such as ground thickness, warehouse ground load and thickness can also be obtained from the warehouse contractor.

The design and planning of the load level of the shelf floor is very important

Warehouse area. The size of the warehouse area directly affects the shelf type and shelf layout used. The height of the warehouse. The height of the warehouse limits the height of the shelves, which are about 2 meters lower than the height of the warehouse to ensure safety. Warehouse fire escape. A warehouse is a place where large quantities of goods are stored. If we neglect to reserve the fire passage in order to increase the storage space, it will bring great security risks to the warehouse. When formulating the design scheme for the warehouse shelves for the customers, the technicians of Shanghai judge rack company will communicate with the customers about the reserved position of the fire fighting channel in the warehouse in advance, and carry out the planning and design on this basis.

Special goods storage area planning: (1) flammable goods must be stored in an independent space with high protection function, and the installation of the corresponding fire equipment; (2) perishable goods must be stored in refrigeration, refrigeration or other special equipment; (3) perishable articles must be isolated from other articles; Perishable goods must be isolated and closed for management. When determining the storage location according to the volume and weight characteristics of the goods in the warehouse layout, the volume, shape and weight units of the goods must be considered simultaneously to determine the space required for stacking the goods. In general, the main items are placed on the floor or on shelves to get a lower position. In order to accommodate the safety and ease of manual operation of the shelves, the height below the waist is usually suitable for the storage of heavy or large goods.

According to the principle of "first in, first out", the principle of "first in, first out" refers to the arrangement of inventory goods out of warehouse, which is particularly important for goods with short life cycle such as food and chemical industry. When applying this principle, it is necessary to pay attention to the increase of management cost caused by factors such as first-in, first-out. In the case of small product form change, long product life cycle, stable quality and non-deterioration, the principle of "first due, first delivered" should be considered for perishable food, chemicals and other perishable commodities.

In addition to the above principles, in order to improve the utilization of storage space, it is also necessary to use appropriate tools, such as stacking racks and pallets, so that goods storage can develop into space. When storing and storing, make the goods facing the aisle as far as possible so that operators can identify the labels and names and improve the movement of the goods. The storage place of the goods must be clearly marked, and the storage place must be clear for easy identification, association and memory. In addition, when planning the storage location, care should be taken to reserve a certain mobile storage location so that the use of storage space can be adjusted when storing a large amount of goods, so as to avoid interfering with the normal storage arrangement.

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