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Use of different types of storage shelves

Issuing time:2020-03-17 09:19

There are many types of storage shelves, such as beam shelves, gravity shelves, attic shelves, and so on. These heavy shelves are divided according to different structures, and the use occasions and goods are also different. Today ganzhou changlong shelf to give you a simple list of different types of storage shelf use.

Beam rack

Crossbeam shelf, also known as shelf type, is the most common form of shelf. It is widely used in manufacturing industry, third-party logistics and distribution centers, etc. It is not only suitable for multi-variety and small-batch goods, but also for low-variety and large-batch goods. It is most widely used in high level warehouses and ultra-high level warehouses.

Die shelf

The mould shelf mainly stores all kinds of mould goods, according to the laying-capacity requirements, it is divided into light mould shelf and heavy mould shelf. The shelf top can be equipped with a mobile hoist car to facilitate the lifting of the mold.

Cantilever shelf

Cantilever shelf is suitable for storing all kinds of long material, ring material, plate and irregular material, etc.

Fluent rack

Suitable for material storage on production line or assembly line, the material box can slide along the roller by gravity. The inclined access of materials is more in line with the ergonomic design.

Mobile shelf

Mobile shelves are suitable for storage in museums, archives, libraries, hospitals, drug stores, Banks, refrigerated warehouses, permanent greenhouses and other enterprises and institutions. They are closed and can make full use of the warehouse space.

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