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Rational analysis of the methods and ideas of warehouse management

Issuing time:2020-03-17 09:26

Ensuring the quality of goods is a basic requirement of warehouse functions. Only in this way can the value of goods be realized through logistics. How much time is added or how much profit is added is based on quality assurance. Therefore, the main mark of warehouse rationalization should be the quality of use value.

Modern logistics system has been very effective in maintaining the quality of goods, technology and management value, is to explore the logistics system in the total quality management problem, that is, through the logistics process control, through the quality of work to ensure the quality of goods. Number of symbols. There is a reasonable quantity range under the premise of ensuring the realization of functions. Time mark. Under the premise of ensuring the realization of functions, it is necessary to find a reasonable storage time related to quantity. The larger the storage capacity is, the slower the consumption rate will be.

Structural notation. Judging the rationality of storage from the proportion of storage volume of different varieties, different specifications and different colors, especially the more the correlation between various items reflects, the rationality of storage or not. Signs of distribution. It refers to the proportion of warehousing quantity in different regions, so as to judge the local demand rate and guarantee degree of demand, as well as the impact on the whole logistics.

Cost metrics. It is necessary to judge whether the storage is reasonable considering the storage fee, maintenance fee, storage fee, loss fee and capital interest expense. ABC warehouse analysis; Implement ABC analysis key management; On the premise of the formation of a certain social scale, economic scale and appropriate inventory concentration degree should be pursued.

Centralized inventory management is one of the best ways to achieve "zero inventory", which can speed up the turnover of goods and increase the output per unit. The concrete way is to use the unit set storage and establish a quick sort system, which is conducive to the realization of fast forward, big and big. Adopt effective first in first out method. Make sure each storage life is not too long. "First in first out" is an effective method and has become one of the principles of warehouse management.

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