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How can the shelf and the goods match to do better!

Issuing time:2020-03-17 09:25

There are a lot of customers in the storage shelves when the choose and buy is confused, because a lot of customer is the first time purchase shelf products, general information provided to me, that is, the structure of the warehouse, the weight of the goods, but the shape of the most important goods generally ignored, let baode dragon belt you know shelves today with the problem of matching the goods!

Heavy shelves

Heavy duty shelving for irregular goods

In fact, the kind of shelf selection is very important. If the shelf choice is not suitable, will have a great impact on the actual use. Therefore, the selection of shelves must pay attention to the actual needs, usually heavy load.

It is important that goods are used on heavy duty shelves. Of course, when choosing heavy duty shelves, you should also pay attention to the size and depth of the shelves. After all, it's a very practical product, and it has to have a certain shape.

Usually for heavy duty shelving, it is suitable for heavy duty goods. Of course, the amount and size of each item is different. Accordingly, still need the length that put aside frame and width. In fact, you must see the shape of the item when you choose it.

According to the shape of the goods to determine the size and depth of the shelves, deepen the best depth, put the goods back is helpful, it is best to accommodate forklift or hydraulic lift, like this can help for practical use, so we still need to pay attention to many problems, the use of heavy shelves bring more help to the practical use, can lead to more efficient use of course.

Medium shelf for regular goods

Heavy duty shelves, as long as they are technically installed, do not need to be maintained in the future, as they are no longer in the form of traditional screws, but in the form of built-in buckles. It's a form of structure that avoids loosening and regular maintenance. At the same time, heavy duty shelves are made of steel plates. The base life can last a long time compared to the time spent on wood and plastic.

It will last longer, and as long as it doesn't exceed the prescribed weight range, it can be used for decades, which is more economical and saves a lot of money for practical use.

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