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Methods of maintaining and prolonging the service life of storage shelves

Issuing time:2020-03-17 09:20

01. Pay attention to the load bearing of storage shelves

Generally speaking, the storage shelf has its specification and its own weight. If the goods on the shelf exceed the weight of the shelf itself, there is a risk that the shelf will collapse or break down. So in the use of the shelf process, to pay attention to the shelf itself weight. Don't store anything too heavy.

Clean storage shelves regularly

Storage shelves are used for a long time, which naturally produces dust and debris. This is the time to regularly clean the shelves of dust. Dust can be wiped off the shelves with a rag. But do not use clean water, because water can easily oxidize the surface of the shelf. Lead to shelf rust paint or shorten shelf life.

3. Store shelves properly

Reasonable storage shelf placement can not only improve the use area of the warehouse, but also reduce the collision of the storage shelf, so as to improve the service life of the storage shelf.

4. Formulate the usage specifications of storage shelves

The shelves in each warehouse are used in a different way. The management personnel should formulate the usage specifications of the storage shelves, increase the attention of the storage personnel to this aspect, and cultivate the personnel's awareness of protecting the shelves while improving the standardization of storage operations.

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