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Let's learn about the application of storage shelves

Issuing time:2020-03-17 09:37

Modern warehousing and logistics require the use of modern technology to improve logistics efficiency. This requires shelf companies not only to provide shelf products, but also from the user's point of view to provide a professional and appropriate storage solutions. This has become a kind of value-added service for customers, who can create greater customer value in the fierce market competition, more likely to win.

Shelf companies should develop to a larger scale, starting from product standardization and new product development, and reduce production costs through scale effect. Under the fierce price competition, enterprises must reduce costs, and the shelf cost is 70% of the steel. You can reduce the processing space. Only by constantly strengthening product research and development can we develop new product models through comprehensive material conservation. Reduce process manufacturing costs through continuous product standardization.

Moreover, fixed costs account for a high proportion of factory costs and can only be Shared more as production increases. Therefore, mass production and standardized production will be the main direction for shelf manufacturers to improve their comprehensive competitiveness. Shelf company not only provides storage shelf products, but also develops a series of integrated storage solutions. At the beginning of shelf business, it is mainly based on the provision of shelf products, and then customers will ask how to use the shelf.

Therefore, shelf companies need to provide shelf layout and design solutions. However, after the customer USES the shelf, although it solves the storage problem, it will encounter a series of problems in the warehouse management. Hope the shelf enterprise to provide a complete set of warehouse operation, including shelf label, bar code scanning, warehouse management software. This plan will become the shelf company to do bigger and stronger development direction.

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