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Talk about the value of heavy duty shelves in storage enterprises

Issuing time:2020-03-17 09:36

Heavy duty shelf is a common type of shelf in storage enterprises, which is widely used in storage enterprises. The following will give you an introduction to storage enterprises in the storage of goods do not know the characteristics of the heavy shelves. Heavy duty shelves have better stacking capacity and moderate price in storage enterprises, which can store heavy goods for storage enterprises.

In fact, the standard for heavy duty shelves is pallet shelves. The goods are placed on standard pallets, then lifted by a forklift and stored. For businesses that store goods, they can reasonably choose heavy duty shelving. For the design of heavy duty shelves, the length of a single shelf should be designed according to the size of the shelf, such as the 1200*1200mm shelf. Generally speaking, a single shelf should be designed for 2700mm twice and stored at an interval of 10cm, which is easy to compress.

Heavy duty shelves are fully assembled structures in the form of columns and beams, which can be equipped with functional accessories according to the characteristics of storage unit assembly equipment, such as clapboard, steel plate (steel lattice plate) storage cage guide rail, oil barrel rack, etc. , which can meet the storage requirements of goods in the form of different unit assembly equipment. Shelf aspect ratio is generally designed and manufactured according to the storeroom availability aspect ratio and the lifting limit aspect ratio of selected electric forklifts. Do pallet shelves multilayer? The ratio of height to width is generally based on the pallet.

For example, the height of the warehouse is 5m, and the height of pallets is 1m. According to the weight of the goods, the price of heavy boxes is screened, and the weight of the goods is determined to prevent the goods from sinking across the beam. Storage enterprises do not know the characteristics of heavy - duty shelves when storing goods. According to the space size of the storage enterprise and the storage characteristics of the goods in the storage enterprise, the shelf manufacturer will reasonably design the height of the heavy shelf meters and the heavy shelf, so that the heavy shelf can play its value in the storage enterprise.

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