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How does the factory, the enterprise choose the appropriate shelf?

Issuing time:2020-03-17 09:17

Principles of storage shelf selection for factories and enterprises:

1. Practicability

Shelves should first meet the requirements of the variety, size and performance of the stored items, to meet the first-in, first-out principle of materials, and suitable for supporting mechanical access operations.

2. Low cost and high efficiency

According to the variety, quantity and load requirements of the stored goods, the corresponding material shelves should be selected. According to the needs of storage management, the traditional or new shelves should be selected, and the cost and economic benefits of the shelves in the warehouse should be considered.

3. Safety and reliability

The strength and rigidity of the shelf should meet the requirement of carrying capacity and have a certain safety margin. There should be special regulations on the shelves where dangerous goods are stored.

4. Try to adopt advanced technology

The use of advanced technology can realize the mechanization and modernization of storage management and improve the utilization rate of shelves.

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