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How much do you know about shelf finishing techniques?

Issuing time:2020-03-17 09:38

Into stores to shop assistant or general manager the discussions to the shelf, check the shelves and the last time to see if there is a defect in the goods and break goods phenomenon, at the same time need to communicate and coordinate with the clerk and the manager, and reserve the goods in time, must be constantly goods especially during the holidays, the administrator will need to accomplish know fairly well, promptly notify the manufacturer to supply in time.

Try to place the goods of the enterprise industry at the top of the shelves or around the shelves and near the carts. Make sure the goods on the shelves are placed in the order of old and new. Paste promotional items always need to be placed in the shelf area of the shelf with the permission of the terminal, and the position of the cashier can be placed with advertising products. The placement of advertising products should be conspicuous and the placement of promotional products should be decent and elegant.

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