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The usage characteristics of medium - sized shelf in manual goods - taking rack type

Issuing time:2020-03-17 09:32

Medium - sized shelves are composed of columns, beams and laminates. The shelves are only connected by bolts. Beautiful appearance, it is a common shelf type for manual pick - up. The load can be up to 200 kg to 400 kg per layer. Most of the manual pick-up products are suitable for use.

Medium storage rack main layer plate experimental study sheet metal, can freely adjust up and down 50 mm step distance, easy to operate personnel in and out of the goods, storage rack, generally no more than 2 meters, if the use of climbing equipment, the shelf height can reach up to 3 meters. Can be used alone, can be freely spliced into a variety of permutations.

Easy installation and disassembly, the entire storage rack does not use bolt connection, can be used to connect the form of the main and deputy frames, strong stability. The top and bottom of the shelf are connected by beams, and the frame is composed of safety pins. The upright column is composed of a bracket and a column for easy placement on the base bracket. The laminate has a large bearing capacity, and the maximum layer can reach 250kg/layer, which can be adjusted up and down by 50mm.

Adopt shelf surface treatment. Then spray. Surface color client optional. The whole shelf is beautiful and durable. The medium shelf is the ideal replacement product for the spare parts warehouse of the enterprise and the warehouse of the institution.

The medium B rack is up to 3 meters high and the effective standard for each layer is 350-800kg, and the column specification is 55x47x2.0mm for dedicated storage frame columns. The medium shelf is assembled by column, beam, rod, diagonal support and self-locking bolt, which can effectively prevent the shelf from being loose after the bolt. The beam adopts special cold rolled p-type closed beam, which has the characteristics of high reliability, light weight, strong bearing capacity and low cost.

Equipped with a specially designed safety pin to ensure that the beam will not fall off under external force. Laminate adopts internationally popular strip composite material, laminate thickness, the number of steel bars decided the stratification requirements, with strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, simple replacement, low maintenance cost. Medium storage rack B can be freely configured with the main frame and auxiliary rack, and can use the stability of medium storage rack B to build loft-style shelves for manual access, as well as for spare parts boxes and containers.

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